sábado, 8 de octubre de 2011

i solemnly swearI've  I never..
Bold the things you've never done.

Played a video game
Had sex
Been fingered/fingered someone
Ate a big mac
Played on a sports team
Worn makeup
Puked on purpose
Gotten chicken pox
Had the measles
Gotten stitches
Killed someone
Worn a thong
Done drugs (only weed, but i figured it still counts.)
Drank beer
Been to a party
Said I love you
Been bitten by a mosquito
Been firedHad a job
Driven a car
Been in a car wreck
Taken a naked pic

Had surgery
Gotten a tattoo
Kicked a guy in the balls
Screamed until my throat hurt
Broken a nail
Shot a gun
Been swimming
Been skiing
Ran a mile
Kissed a member of the same sex
Licked someone
Sung in the shower
Been to church
Passed math
Failed a grade
Gotten an F on my report card
Been to Florida
Been to California
Been to Texas
Been to New York
Been on a cruise
Painted my fingernails black
Drank soda
Skipped school
Held hands with someone
Been dumped
Got detention
Broke the dress code
Lost a library book
Had braces
Seen snow
Ate raw cookie dough
Head banged
Been to a concert
Gotten grounded
Been in a fight
Smacked someone's ass
Seen twilight
Finished a book in one day
Gotten pulled over while driving

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